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For service information, please send us an email: st.jameschurch@wightman.ca


Meeting Room

For Witcher Room rental information, please send us an email: st.jameschurch@wightman.ca


Butterfly Hall

For Butterfly Hall rental information, please send us an email: st.jameschurch@wightman.ca


Butterfly Garden

St James Fergus received the remarkably generous gift of a beautiful garden area in the summer of 2008 from our parishioners.

The garden overlooks the picturesque Grand River and contains a wonderful variety of perennials, providing continuous bloom and beauty throughout the summer and fall.

There is a spacious Marquee tent with a seating capacity for 100 people and ready access to the church hall, kitchen and washrooms.  A miniature replica of a church is separated from the Marquee tent by a lawn, and houses garden tools, and furniture for the Marquee tent.

These facilities are available to the church and congregation for a variety of social functions, fundraising efforts, and for outdoor worship.  In addition the garden and facilities are available by rental to the community for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, birthday and anniversary celebrations and other functions.

It is a truly marvelous place for both celebrations and quiet reflection.

For more information about the Butterfly Garden, please send us a message: st.jameschurch@wightman.ca

Tours available by appointment only.







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